Forum on Construction Law 2019 Annual Meeting

April 24 – 27, 2019
Hollywood, FL

We look forward to exhibiting as a platinum sponsor at the Annual Meeting themed – Dealing with Natural Disasters – Here Comes the Flood (of legal issues).

Many people in coastal states are all too familiar with hurricanes and tornadoes. But this program prepares you for far more. Whether a wildfire or earthquake out West, floods or environmental disasters in the East, or volcanic eruptions in the Pacific, lawyers and clients have to be prepared for the complex array of legal issues and claims that arise from the ashes of disaster.

From risk assessment to insurance, labor shortages to FEMA, “Dealing with Natural Disasters” is designed to educate and prepare you for the worst so you can be at your best when it counts. Thought leaders from around the country will prepare lawyers to deal with every type of natural disaster.

Please visit the Forum’s website for full details.