ConsensusDocs Updates its Industry Standard Agreements based on Recommendations by CPMI expert Rob D’Onofrio

March 15, 2017

ConsensusDocs based new revisions to the scheduling requirements in its industry standard agreements on the paper What is a Schedule Good For? A Study of Issues Posed by Schedules on Complex Projects co-authored by Rob D’Onofrio of CPMI and Tony Meagher of DLA Piper LLP in the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law publication The Construction Lawyer (Constr. Law. Vol 33, No 1, 6-16, 50-54, 2013).

ConsensusDocs published comprehensive updates to its design-bid-build prime agreements (200 series) and subcontracts (700 series) this past December 2016. These updates impact the general terms and conditions integrated in the ConsensusDocs 200 long form agreement and the ConsensusDocs 205 short form agreement that will later be incorporated into updates to the design-build (400 series) and CM At-Risk (500 series) in the first quarter of 2017.

ConsensusDocs is a coalition of 40 construction organizations with a mission to improve the design and construction industry. ConsensusDocs updates its documents every 5 years, in addition to interim updates to address discrete issues, such as when the ACORD forms were changed impacting certificates of insurance.