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H. Bruce Bongiorni

Bruce Bongiorni has worked for more than 30 years with the marine, shipbuilding, and civil construction industries. His experience includes planning, scheduling, design, analysis, field engineering, project controls, and claims analysis. He has directed and performed research in business processes for marine system design, shipbuilding, and ship repair. He also has served as an adjunct lecturer in the Naval Architecture Department at the University of Michigan. For the last nine years, Bruce has provided technical analysis and litigation support to the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Coast Guard.

  • Case Western University, M.B.A.
  • University of Michigan, B.S., Engineering
  • Professional Engineer (inactive): California, Connecticut
  • Private Pilot (Instrument-Rated, Complex Aircraft Endorsement)
Professional Affiliations
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • Experimental Aircraft Association
  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Select Publications


H. Bruce Bongiorni, M. Williamson, T.  Miller and J. Peters, “An Integrated Design Environment for the Navy Using an Agent Model of Marine Design” (presented at Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries (COMPIT), Hamburg, Germany, May 2005).

H. Bruce Bongiorni,  “The Role of Directory and Trusted Third Party Services in Shipbuilding Industrial Commerce” (presented at First International EuroConference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Marine Industries [COMPIT], Potsdam, Germany, April 2000).

Fleischer, M., R. Kohler, T. Lamb and H. Bongiorni. “Marine Supply Chain Management.” Journal of Ship Production 15(4) (1999): 233-252.

Bongiorni, H., and M. Spicknall. “On-Demand Education to Meet Marine Industry Professional Development Needs.” Journal of Ship Production 15(3) (1999): 164-178.

J. Cabrera, B. Bongiorni, T. Lamb, M. Spicknall and E. Wood, “Computer Assisted Shipbuilding Policy Development” (presented at ASNE Centennial Symposium, From Research To Reality in Systems Engineering, September 1998).

Select Speaking Engagements


“Vessel Design for Small Navies,” Howard M. Bunch and H. Bruce Bongiorni, Cotecmar, Cartegena, Columbia, August 2007.

“Ship Production,” Howard M. Bunch and H. Bruce Bongiorni, Cotecmar, Cartegena, Columbia, August 2006.

“NA&ME-BPG Collaboration Opportunities,” H. Bruce Bongiorni and Mark Spicknall, UM Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, September 2002.

“Requirements for an MDO framework,” Undersea Weapons and Vehicles Session, 9th AIAA/ISSMO Symposium on Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference, Atlanta, GA, September 2002.

“An Integrated Simulation-Based Design Environment for the UW&V Community,” H. Bruce Bongiorni and Matt Williamson, Undersea Weapons Simulation-Based Design Workshop, Naval Undersea Weapons Center, Newport, RI, July 2002.

“Gathering Information Using Social Sensors: Creating a Sustainable Research Infrastructure,” F. Streff and H. Bruce Bongiorni, CREW Seminar, UM School of Information, March 2002.

“An Approach for Evaluating Software in Terms of Its Impact on End Users,” Jonathan A. Morell, Bruce Bongiorni and Mark Spicknall, American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting, November 1998.

Project Highlights

MV Tustumena Overhaul, Ketchikan, Alaska – Bruce provided technical evaluation of elements in a contractor’s $7 million claim against the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) for damages, delay, and disruption costs. Bruce and the CPMI team worked to determine liability, timelines, and schedule impacts on the overhaul of the MV Tustumena.

MV Tustumena Overhaul, Mobile, Alabama – Bruce provided project control oversight during the repowering of an Alaska state ferry vessel. His in-process review of schedule, budget, and cost performance mitigated delay and disruption claims made by the contractor. Bruce’s extensive documentation and analysis supported the subsequent successful court defense.

USCG WPB 110 Investigation and False Claims Act (FCA), Washington, DC – Bruce assisted the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security in a $340 million complaint alleging fraudulent activity by a major defense contractor for a USCG ship modification program. The case involved cutters delivered to the government that were structurally inadequate for the required service. Bruce participated in the collection, analysis, and evaluation of government and subpoenaed documents along with electronically sourced information (ESI) records. He prepared issue analysis and findings reports; assisted in the preparation of filing, deposition preparation, and support; provided expert technical analysis; and offered other litigation support.

USCG Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Design Program, Washington, DC – Bruce reviewed the documents, decisions, and timeline of events for the design of the FRC, under the Deepwater Program, and provided an analysis and lessons-learned evaluations of the USCG acquisition of a composite hull cutter.

USCG National Security Cutter (NSC) Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA), Washington, DC – As part of the CPMI team, Bruce assisted the contracting, legal, and program teams for the U.S. Coast Guard in evaluating an REA and program areas of concern. He reviewed elements of the contractor’s $300 million REA for technical entitlement and quantum, developing and supporting a document database for tracking key program and issue documents. He provided issue analysis reports, assessments of key issues, and developed timelines of events.

MHC-51 Osprey Class Mine Hunter Construction, Savannah, Georgia – Bruce evaluated delay and disruption claims by a government contractor on the Navy contract for construction of the MHC-51 Coastal Mine Hunter. Working with a team of attorneys, experts, and Navy program personnel, he conducted extensive document discovery, including recovery, conversion, and analysis of computer records, and developed a detailed as-built CPM analysis to assess the impact of delayed delivery of government-furnished equipment and information.

T-ACS Auxiliary Crane Ship Conversion, Tampa, Florida – Bruce provided analysis of claims made by a government contractor against the Military Sealift Command on the conversion of the T-ACS Auxiliary Crane Ships. The contractor’s claims, which totaled $15 million, alleged engineering and specification deficiencies. Bruce performed extensive document review, change order analysis, an issues study, and analysis of damages. He delivered expert reports with detailed documentation and analysis of each claim, conclusions on government liability, and recommendations for resolution.

T-AGM Missile Range Instrumentation Ship Overhaul, Portland, Oregon – Bruce evaluated claims of delay and disruption on behalf of the Military Sealift Command that alleged changed conditions on the T-AGM 23 Missile Range Instrumentation Ship. The contractor alleged that asbestos abatement was unexpected and the government failed to inform the contractor at the time of bid. Bruce provided analysis of claims, correlating schedule, cost, budget, and performance records to determine if the conditions were known at the time of the bid and the impact of any changed conditions on cost and schedule. He supported depositions and resolution negotiations to achieve the best settlement conditions.

Delta Queen Design Review, Mobile, Alabama – Bruce reviewed the specifications for a luxury river cruise ship on behalf of the vessel owner to mitigate construction risk and claims exposure. He performed an extensive review of specifications and drawings prior to release to bid.

Grand Slam Canyon and Luxor Completion, Las Vegas, Nevada – Bruce performed construction closeout audits on civil construction projects. His work resulted in a $7 million cost reduction to the building owners.