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Federal Publications Seminar – Construction Schedule Delays

37th Annual Construction and Public Contracts Law Seminar

April 3 – 4, 2018
Arlington, VA

Learn from the industry’s most published experts on schedule delay analysis methods during this dynamic course, based on Construction Schedule Delays, the definitive 1,000+ page treatise on the subject co-authored by course instructors W. Stephen Dale and CPMI’s Rob D’Onofrio. Like the book, the course bridges both the legal and technical aspects of the topic from an easy-to-understand, but detailed presentation of law and examples. In addition to addressing the major delay analysis methods in use today, the instructors will review legal aspects of other critical topics, such as basics of CPM scheduling, concurrent delay, and constructive acceleration.

Please visit the seminar website for more information.

Forum on Construction Law 2018 Annual Meeting

37th Annual Construction and Public Contracts Law Seminar

April 11 – 13, 2018
New Orleans, LA
Taking Care of Business: A Mini-MBA Program for the Construction Lawyer

As a platinum sponsor, we look forward to exhibiting at this well-attended annual conference.

This program offers valuable insight on a variety of business-focused topics tailored to the construction industry. It is based on the popular “mini-MBA” model, through which participants will learn about the fundamentals of business and how they impact the practice of construction law.

The Forum’s distinguished slate of speakers includes construction attorneys, in-house counsel, consultants, and law professors, each offering a unique perspective on business-oriented matters. Topics that will be addressed include economics, risk management, business structures, creditor rights, ethical challenges, accounting, cybersecurity, electronic discovery, international law, post-accident management, succession planning, updates to industry forms, partnering and teaming, and managing HR challenges and crises. The information offered in these sessions will aid practitioners—whether in-house or outside counsel—in better understanding their clients’ interests and needs, leading to better counseling and advocacy. This business focus is unique for the Forum, and will provide attendees with a solid foundation on topics of regular interest to companies involved in construction.

Please visit the Forum’s website for full details.

Federal Publications Seminar – The Masters Institute in Construction Contracting

37th Annual Construction and Public Contracts Law Seminar

June 19 – 21, 2018
Sterling, VA

The Masters Institute concentrates on advanced construction issues and analyzing the unique problems, practices, rights, remedies, disputes, claims and other demands faced by today’s construction professionals. Exceptional faculty lead the program: six nationally recognized authorities on construction contracting matters, including CPMI’s Rob D’Onofrio.

Each day of the Institute will be spent with two faculty members. The day will consist of lectures, case studies, illustrative examples, group discussions, individual questioning and consideration of questions on any construction subject — not only on matters scheduled to be raised that day. In addition, Institute attendees will receive an extensive Manual of originally prepared materials prepared by the faculty.

Please visit the conference website for more information.

Federal Publications Seminar – Construction Delay, Acceleration and Inefficiency Claims

37th Annual Construction and Public Contracts Law Seminar

November 6 – 7, 2018
Arlington, VA

How claims are handled will dictate their ultimate impact on the fortunes of owners, lenders, contractors, subcontractors and sureties. Effectively dealing with them, however, is a difficult task, requiring a concise understanding of the law, of each party’s contractual rights, of the construction process and of claims presentation and defense techniques. Designed specifically to address these issues, this special course features an exceptional faculty, including CPMI’s Rob D’Onofrio.

Please visit the seminar website for more information.