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William Griffin, P.E.

Bill Griffin has been with CPMI for six years, providing CPM scheduling of construction projects, along with analysis and preparation of delay and disruption disputes. Prior to CPMI, Bill worked for an electrical engineering firm on reverse engineering, redesign, and performing quality control of mechanical and electromechanical parts and assemblies. He is adept in document review using various litigation databases, preparation of demonstrative graphics, and in several CPM scheduling software programs. He provides detailed analyses of schedule delay claims, lost labor productivity, and damages on commercial and government projects involved in litigation, both defending and supporting construction claims. Bill lectures on scheduling, delay, and disruption and he regularly prepares schedules, expert reports and presentations.

  • Drexel University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering
  • Professional Engineer: Pennsylvania
Professional Affiliations
  • Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACE)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Select Speaking Engagements

Guest Speaker, “Construction Scheduling and Claims,” Widener University’s Professional Practice Course, Chester, PA, April 2016; April 2015; April 2014.

Project Highlights

Ghent Station Ash Pipe Conveyor, Kentucky – Analyzed delays and added costs during fabrication and construction of a one-and-a-half mile long pipe conveyor that carried ash to a truck loading station. Determined the impacts of the late issuance of design and shop drawings, late truck loading station steel deliveries, misfabrication of all truck loading station steel and its return to the manufacturer for repairs, redelivery of truck loading station steel, and the subsequent on site repairs of the redelivered steel. Compared truck loading station construction delays to delays in construction of the pipe conveyor to determine compensable and concurrent delays. Evaluated contractor’s work orders and cost report to determine added costs resulting from the misfabricated truck loading station steel. Prepared a CPM schedule analysis. Assisted in preparation of an expert report. Assisted in preparation of an arbitration presentation which resulted in a full award being granted.

LAX/Crenshaw Transit Project, California – Analyzed delays during design of a $1.27B metropolitan rail transit system. Completion of design was delayed by over a year due to various issues including misaligned tracks, at-grade curb radii and streetscape changes, utility conflicts, the addition of a new transit station, realignment of tracks to accommodate a new transit station and avoid utility conflicts, below grade ventilation and life safety enhancements, various communications design changes, and extended design review periods. Prepared a CPM schedule analysis and assisted in preparation of REAs for the delay and damages incurred.

Medicine Specialty Clinics, Pennsylvania – Analyzed delays, loss of productivity, outstanding contract modification requests, outstanding RFIs, and a termination for default on a $4.8M hospital renovation. When the termination for default was issued, the project was over 800 days behind schedule. The contractor alleged the delay was caused by contract modifications, owner phased moving delays, unanswered RFIs, and a loss of productivity due to restricted hours. As a result of the alleged issues, the contractor suspended work and submitted claims totaling $1.4M. Discovered that the contractor failed to pay over $400K to its subcontractors despite receiving payment from the owner. Discovered that the subcontractors would not perform work until payment was received, and the Surety could not provide payment because one of its pledged assets was a property that was actually owned by the contractor and the Surety’s other pledged assets were non-existent. Prepared a CPM schedule analysis and presented findings to counsel. Assisted counsel with development of deposition questions. Ultimately the contractor withdrew its complaint in its entirety.

Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, Pennsylvania – Analyzed $10M in claims by the Mechanical & Plumbing Contractor on a five-story 250,000SF hospital. The contractor alleged added scope due to BIM coordination, loss of productivity, and various unpaid change orders. Determined that the BIM coordination scope increase was inflated by over 250% and the loss of productivity hours claimed were inflated by over 140% due to improper calculations. Determined that the alleged unpaid change orders associated with redesign of the air handling units included unrelated labor costs. Assisted in preparation of an expert report and a mediation presentation.