Our experience working on the largest, most complicated projects in the world provides the expertise needed for our clients’ matters,  large or small.

Rob D’Onofrio, President

Claims Consulting

At CPMI, untangling complicated construction claims is our specialty.
Using proven techniques, such as Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, we identify the relationship between events and their impacts on a project, then apportion responsibility for delays, disruption, and inefficiency. We thoroughly evaluate all technical, scheduling, cost, quality, and other critical issues; develop dispute resolution strategies; assist in settlement negotiations, mediation, or arbitration; and provide concise, credible expert witness testimony should the case go to trial. Our unique understanding of the design/construction and litigation processes allows us to assist clients in successfully resolving even the toughest contract disputes.

CPMI Approach to Claims Analysis

Preliminary Assessment • Claim Review • Document Organization • Issue Identification • Preliminary Evaluation • Outline Analysis Plan
Discovery • Document Review • Creation of Issue Files • Deposition Support • Written Discovery Assistance
Analysis & Evaluation • Technical Issues Analysis • Schedule Delay Analysis • Disruption Analysis • Damage Assessment
Expert Opinion • Author Expert Report of Findings • Review Other Expert Reports • Author Rebuttal Report
Dispute Resolution • Settlement Negotiations • Mediation/DRB Presentation • Expert Testimony • Trial Exhibit Preparation • Pre-/Post-Trial Assistance