Decision makers value a coherent and concise analysis of a problem. They return to us for our consistent approach,  knowing that it will be well articulated,  reasoned, and sound.

Joe McFadden, Principal

Project Management (PM) Oversight

CPMI’s PM Oversight services are available at any phase of a project, regardless of its duration or complexity.

Decades of experience in design, construction, and claims evaluation make us acutely aware of what it takes to complete a project successfully: sufficient plans and specifications, tight controls and procedures, timely responses to requests for clarification, and rapid resolution of critical issues.

To help protect an owner’s interests, we provide an independent, objective assessment of scheduling, cost, and quality issues before they become costly problems.

PM Oversight Services

Pre-Construction Phase • Design Review • Constructability Review • Cost Estimating • Value Engineering • Bid Document Review • Schedule Review • Cost Review
Construction Phase • Site Observation • Progress Meetings • Schedule Monitoring • Project Cost Control • Documentation Review • Payment Review • Change Order Review • Claims Avoidance/Mitigation
Post-Construction Phase • Final Inspection • Contract Closeout • Dispute Resolution