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Defense Contract

CPMI provided expert witness services to the U.S. Department of Justice and the Air Force for the analysis of a $547 million claim. The claim, brought by a defense contractor, arose from $453 million in contracts for the full-scale development and production of the AC-130U gunship. The contractor claimed damages under numerous legal theories, including improper contract type, superior knowledge, mutual mistake, defective and late government-furnished property (GFP), defective specifications, constructive changes, and breach of contract. CPMI’s scope of work included document organization and development of issue files; analysis of technical issues; development of a detailed schedule analysis to quantify and determine the causes of critical program delays; and discovery support. CPMI supported the government throughout an extensive negotiation process that resulted in settlement of the case.

$547 million claim involved …

  • Delay and disruption analysis in 16 areas
  • Late and defective data and GFP
  • Hardware and software development issues
  • Flight test impacts and production impacts caused by schedule concurrency