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Kim David, CPA

Kim David, CPA

Senior Associate

Kim David has over four years of experience in forensic accounting, providing investigative and consulting services to clients. She has experience in preparing business income loss calculations as a result of delays and other issues as well as providing assistance with analyzing fraud allegations. Kim also performs data analysis, project research, and drafts analysis summaries and opinions. Prior to CPMI, Kim worked as a senior consultant at a leading advisory, tax, and assurance firm, where she performed forensic accounting, specializing in fraud allegations, asset tracking, and other client support.


University of South Florida, M.B.A., Concentration in Compliance, Risk Management and Anti-Money Laundering

University of South Florida, B.S., Accounting


Certified Public Accountant

Project Highlights

Lost Profits of Fitness Facility – Evaluation of a lost profit claim submitted by the owner due to the roof collapse at a fitness facility. Evaluated attendance records, revenue, and expenses to measure lost profits related to the construction damage event. Preparing schedules for analysis and report drafting.

Dispute of Claimed Damages – Review of creditor’s claim against a private equity fund under provisional liquidation. Evaluated three short-term, high interest loans made from the creditor to the fund over the period of two years, which falsely inflated the balance of a publicly reported account and prolonged the timeline of fraud discovery. Review of computer, email, and phone records in preparation of counterclaim.

Asset Tracing – Evaluation of bank statements and account ledgers to determine the funds that were diverted from an energy company to its executives and their relatives. Review of physical and digital banking records, email and text message logs, and company records within both SQL and Oracle databases. Use of online sources to locate assets purchased with the diverted payments. Preparing schedules for analysis and report drafting.